Poker in Popular Culture

Posted by Dirty Stack Poker, under About.

Poker is undeniably growing in popularity. Since the introduction of online Poker and televised Poker, the game has exploded across the world. With Poker's popularity on the rise, it is only natural that the game has invaded other portions of people's lives. Even if you don't play Poker, it has undoubtedly influenced your life, whether you realize it or not.

To begin with, Poker terminology has invaded our way of speaking. Many people use Poker lingo on a daily basis, whether they know it or not. Simple terms such as calling someone a Wild Card has origins from Poker, as some games use a Wild Card in play. To Up the Ante on something, meaning to increase the stakes, comes from Poker. Calling Someone's Bluff comes from Poker as well. More often than not, the term refers to noticing someone's lie and saying something to them about it, as opposed to recognizing their Poker hand. When depressed or while having a run of bad luck, many people often say, “When the Chips are Down.” All of these terms originated in Poker but have spread through our vocabulary.

Countless movies have had poker as a major focus. Casino, a crime movie starring Robert De Niro, takes place in a casino where Poker is often played. Casino Royale, a James Bond movie, finds the titular hero playing a high stakes game of Poker. Countless popular television shows, such as The Sopranos, often feature characters sitting around a table playing Poker. Poker in media has become so widespread that we often don't even notice its presence.

Poker has invaded popular music, as well. Many artists feature Poker terminology or even base their songs around Poker and gambling. Kenny Roger's, “The Gambler”, is a popular song about Poker, even going so far as to be used in commercials about Poker. Lady Gaga's pop hit, “Poker Face”, was a popular song in 2008 and is still played to this day. Even Motorhead's popular rock song, “Ace of Spades” focuses on gambling and the idea that the Ace of Spades is the highest valued card possible. Although suit doesn't matter in Poker, many players still hold this belief.

Poker has influenced our daily lives even more than it first appears. From quotes we say each day, to movies or television shows we watch, to music playing on the radio, Poker has seeped into our culture. For those that love playing Poker, finding these references and knowing that Poker is becoming more popular is a great discovery.