Beginner Poker Tips

Posted by Dirty Stack Poker, under Tips.

If you are just getting into poker, the time has never been better. A wealth of information is at your fingertips. Learning poker is as easy as hopping onto a popular online poker website, reading the rules of the game, and playing it until you have the hang of it. It certainly is not an easy game to learn, and mastering it will take years, but it is certainly fun. New poker players may feel overwhelmed at first, but a few tips can help them really get the hang of the game.

Obviously, a good understanding about the different poker hands and what beats what is necessary. For example, know that three of a kind beats two pair, but still falls short of a flush. If you are just starting out, be sure to understand this where a hand ranks and in relation to other hands. Too many new players find themselves falling into a trap where they think their hand is absolutely great, only to find themselves losing the pot. In addition to this, be careful with your bluffs. While bluffing is a vital part of your game, it is important not to bluff too much. Overconfident players can find themselves losing hands repeatedly. Recognize that your bluffs may not be as foolproof as you believe. An interesting contrast to this is playing with others that know you are knew, however. Many will underestimate your bluffing abilities and bet huge against you. Use your opponents to your advantage.

Realize that your hand is not the only hand dealt on the table. It is too easy to get tunnel vision and only focus on your cards, while there are a couple of other players with cards of their own. While you won't be able to know exactly what is in their hand, pay attention to what is laid out on the board and try to figure out what they might be holding. Finally, be prepared to fold. There is no shame in folding a hand you don't think you can win on. Once you do fold, don't relax, though. Pay attention to how the other players play and act. Just because you are out of a hand doesn't mean you can't get distracted.

While these tips may seem obvious to some, beginners can often feel overwhelmed by the vastness of poker. With all of the different hands, bluffs, folds, and players involved, it is easy to get discouraged. Keep a few of these tips in the back of your mind and soon, you will be playing with the best.