Live Dealer Casino 1 - Actual Casinos

Posted by Dirty Stack Poker, under Tips.

When you walk into a Casino, the first thing you see is often hundreds upon hundred of slot machines. While slots are often what a majority of gamblers are after, others find themselves drawn to other games, such as Texas Hold 'Em, blackjack, craps, or roulette. In many situations, a gambler can sit down at the bar and pull up a digital version of these games, never having to deal with another real player next to them. But what about those who want the real experience?

Often toted as the “Realistic Casino” experience, games featuring live dealers are often in high demand at casinos. The feeling of sitting next to your opponents while playing Poker, trying to gauge their hands, tells, and bluffs, is a rush unlike any other. Telling the dealer that you are going to hit in Blackjack, then watching the card turn over, and hitting 21 while everyone else watches is a feeling that just can't be replicated while sitting at a computer. Live dealer casinos really make betting seem real. Sitting at a table for hours at a time, winning big, while opponents leave or arrive is a social experience that just can't be replicated.

Why don't more casinos use more live dealers? To begin with, cost is much higher for casinos that use live dealers. The casinos must pay their dealers, both while they are working and during training. Because of this, stakes are often higher at tables with live dealers. The house must make enough money to offset the cost of their workers. Also, more players are needed for these games. Some simply can't begin without a full table. Once you do have a full table, the speed of play can also slow down considerably. Sometimes, you will find that live dealer casinos only have their live tables going during the most busy time of the day. This helps them make up their costs.

Live dealers can be the difference between an engaging, fun time at the casino or a miserable, lonely time. Some players certainly love the disconnect of sitting by themselves and playing on a machine as opposed to interacting with real people. The air of excitement at a busy table, with real dealers, is something that just cannot be beat, though. For those who are willing to step it up and play with real people, the experience is unlike anything else, especially if you win big!