Poker Terms

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When most people first hear of Poker, they are immediately overwhelmed by the vast amount of terms thrown at them. Most understand how basic card games work, but what is a Straight? A Flush? A Royal Flush? What does Flop, the River, or the Turn mean? What's the pot? Raise? Check? Fold? Small Blinds, Big Blinds, what does it all mean?

Beginner Poker Tips

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If you are just getting into poker, the time has never been better. A wealth of information is at your fingertips. Learning poker is as easy as hopping onto a popular online poker website, reading the rules of the game, and playing it until you have the hang of it. It certainly is not an easy game to learn, and mastering it will take years, but it is certainly fun. New poker players may feel overwhelmed at first, but a few tips can help them really get the hang of the game.

How to Play

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Once you understand the various Poker hands you can play, Poker becomes much easier to understand. While there are intricacies to playing with others (bluffing, reading tells, and understanding your opponents), Poker follows a basic set of rules. Once you master the rules of Poker, you will be on your way to becoming a professional! These rules pertain to Texas Hold 'Em, and if you find yourself playing a different variation of Poker, they will not apply.